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passion The two brothers, Vincenzo e Pasquale, started their entrepreneurial career in 1990, following the footsteps of their father, Antonio, and their older brother, Giovanni. The two young entrepreneurs are particularly fascinated by modern and innovative farming techniques based on soilless cultivations.
innovation And that is why, for their business, they decided to adopt the hydroponic cultivation: a cutting-edge technology that involves the growth of vegetables in hi-tech greenhouses, as well as environmental friendly and suited to respect the products’ quality. more quality Passion and innovation are mirrored in Lapietra’s tomatoes and cucumbers’ quality. Picked up and packaged promptly to avoid altering their proprieties and features (including the absence of nickel), these products are cultivated with great care to guarantee the consumer high-quality standards and a unique taste. more sustainability Another fundamental pillar of this company, clearly discernible from several factors: from the using of hydroponic cultivation, that makes it possible to reduce the impact of the agricultural activity on our ecosystem, to the application of technologies that enables to lower CO2 emissions, from water conservation to optimize the exploitation of this primary resource, to power generation from solar panels. more Quality tomatoes and cucumbers

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